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Rabbit News

What to Do if You Find Abandoned or Stray Rabbits

Please call your local animal shelter immediately! If they are abandoned, this could lead to a criminal case, especially if there are muliple rabbits. California penal code section 597S states that anyone willfully abandoning an animal is guitly of a misdemeanor.

Sacramento City 916-808-7387
Sacramento County 916-368-7387
Placer County 530-886-5500
Yolo County 530-375-6492


Increase in Stray Rabbits

We have noticed there has been a marked increase in calls for help to catch rabbits beginning this summer. Summer is the worst time of the year for a domestic rabbit to be on the loose in the Sacramento area because of the intense heat & lack of available water. Also, several of these rabbits are moms about to give birth. We have included links to the national HRS website which has a wealth of knowledge in these areas. Please follow the links for some immediate tips with the sudden situation you are in.


Myxomatosis (pronounced mix-oh-mah-toe-sis) is Present in Los Angeles Area

At first, normally the disease is visible by lumps (myxomata) and puffiness around the head and genitals. It then may progress to acute conjunctivitis and possibly blindness; however, this also may be the first indication of the disease. The rabbits become listless, lose appetite, and develop a fever. Secondary bacterial infections occur in most cases which cause pneumonia and purulent inflammation of the lumps. In typical cases where the rabbit has no resistance, death takes an average of 13 days. Myxomatosis is spread by fleas and mosquitoes. Therefore, pet rabbits should be kept away from these pests. Keep you rabbits indoors to reduce the risk of exposure.

The virus is spread by biting insects or through direct contact with infected rabbits or contaminated hutches, equipment or clothing. Infected rabbits may develop swollen noses, eyelids, lips, ears or genitals, and may die very quickly. There is no good treatment for this fatal disease, so prevention is extremely important. Rabbit owners should take the following preventive measures to safeguard their pets:

Check these references for more information:


last updated october 28, 2010