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The Sacramento House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer organization. We welcome your feedback, comments and questions, and appreciate your patience, as it sometimes takes us longer than we'd like to research and respond to your questions. Donations are always welcome, and can be mailed to:

Sacramento House Rabbit Society
P.O. Box 19850
Sacramento, CA 95819-0850

Donations are tax-deductible and help defray our costs which include veterinary care for foster rabbits, copying and mailing the newsletter, and educational materials. Click here to download a donation & membership form.

We hope you'll find answers to most of your questions at this website or the national HRS website. If you still have questions, please feel free to send a message to the appropriate person listed below. If you have an urgent medical question, we suggest you consult the national HRS emergency guide.

Email Contacts
Interested in finding out more about featured foster rabbits or adopting one of our rabbits? Email Barbara
Interested in joining or volunteering for SHRS? Email Barbara
Do you have a question or comment about our vet list? Email Sonia
Do you have questions or comments about the website? Email Brandon
Want to purchase or learn more about Radko ornaments? Email Brandon
Email a question or comment to the hotline (not answered immediately). Including any questions about behavior, care, feeding, bonding, etc. Email the Hotline

Do you have questions about behavior or rabbit care? Call our hotline at
(916) 863-9690 and leave a message.

If you do not want to keep the rabbit you have, please read our page "Finding a home for an unwanted rabbit".

You may be having a difficult time with your rabbit because you don't understand her. Rabbits behavior is vastly different from dog or cat behavior. Learn about coping with your rabbit's behavior at our pages:

SHRS is totally independent from Petfinder.

Check out our Bunny Line Frequently Asked Questions. Our volunteers have fielded many questions over the years. Yours may be among them.

For medical questions or emergencies, please contact your veterinarian. Click here for a list of rabbit savvy vets in the Sacramento area.

Last updated december 29, 2010